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About Us: 

We are a team of qualified pharmacists running training programs to assist pharmacy pre-registration trainees and their tutors during the pre-registration year. Our team includes Pharmacist from hospital, community, GP Practice to provide wide spectrum of experience to our students.
At PreReg-Room we build one-to-one relations with each of our students in order to understand their strengths and learning needs. A wide variety of interactive teaching methods are employed to facilitate and under-pin key concepts for assessment and practice.
We have always endeavoured to build a good relationship with all our students and go the extra mile. Testimonials from our past students reflect how useful they find both our notes and teaching methods. We also welcome questions from students to establish their learning needs and train them for real life scenarios.

Calculation Classes

Our two days calculation only class focuses on 12 types of calculation question styles, all of which are outlined in the GPhC Pre-Registration Manual.

Pre-registration assessment
Pre-regroom course

CliniCalc Classes

Our two days calculation and clinical class will be covering all 12 types of calculation question styles as well as the high weighted BNF chapters, as per the GPhC Pre-Registration Manual.

Crash Course

Our 4 day intensive crash course programme has been developed to support students in the run up to the registration assessment, aiming to cover most of the topics from the pre-registration assessment framework, including calculations, BNF, MEP and OTC. Click here to see detailed course outline

Pre-registraion GPhC exam
  • Chapter by chapter presentation 

  • Registration assessment style questions

  • Important guidelines

  • Important tables

  • Important drug classes

  • Guide to appendices

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  • Calculation tests

  • Practice questions

  • Calculation only courses

  • Covering all calculations from assessment framework

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  • Role play scenarios

  • Lifestyle advice & Health promotion

  • Consultation skills

  • Minor ailments

  • Common OTC therapies

  • Referral criteria

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  • Comprehensive notes 

  • Real life legal and ethical issues

  • Practice questions

  • Group discussion on current ethical issues

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Emilly, Calculation Classes

Brilliant two days of learning. A small group meant that the answers to around 100 practice questions could be explained. I would definitely recommend it.

Monica, Crash Course

I would highly recommend this crash course to any preregs looking to consolidate their learning before the exam. The interactive revision session and comprehensive resources are extremely helpful.

James, Crash Course

The sessions were brilliant and the hospitality too. I am humbled by your kindness, fun and your professional attitude. you guys are superstars

Meetal, Crash Course

An absolutely fantastic team. PreregRoom offered all of us the best support and material to work with! Continuously entertaining and never a dull moment. The crash course was well worth my time and is definitely recommended

Click here to read more review from our students

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